About Us

CNCindia is Easy and Convenient Solution for 2D Vector/3D Design Model for 3-Axis CNC Machine.


What we really do?

“CNC India” is “24/7 Instant Download” Online Store providing a wide range of CNC designs File for CNC Machining.

We Provide All CNC  Design –

  1. 3D Models In Artcam Relief Format (.RLF) And STL Format (On Demand).
  2. 2D Vector Designs in DXF And EPS Format.
  3. 2D Wave Board Designs in Toolpath And Artcam 2018 Format.


Free Conversion – STL to Relief, Relief To STL. MAX To Relief. MAX To STL.

Our Vision

Our vision by creating CNCindia website is to Create an environment where person can get design instantly without delay and take orders of CNC work with urgent timing. Also we want be a first priority website for anyone’s CNC design needs. All CNC Design needs should be fulfilled by us.

Thank You

Keep Buying – Keep Carving.

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