Terms and Conditions

This Agreement was last modified on 18 February 2016.

Please read all Terms and condition before Register or Purchase.  A binding agreement is imposed by Clicking “Accept Terms and Condition”, With all below Condition.

By Agreeing Our Terms and Condition you agree that you know, that –

  1. The products we provide are not actual goods, it is digital 2D/3D file in RLF or STL or DXF/EPS Format. Which can be used in CNC Machining Only.
  2. Instant Download only provide relief RLF file for 3D And DXF/EPS For 2D, other any format file will be provided on demand only.
  3. STL File is not available in “Instant Download”. But it will be provided within 72 Working Hours After demanded in WhatsApp/Contact Us, not from the date of purchase.
  4. For 3D Designs We provide STL and RLF only. We refuse to provide any other format for 3D Design.
  5. For 2D Design we provide EPS/DXF File. We refuse to provide any other format for 2D Design.
  6. The designs you buy from our website can only be used for your sole purpose. You cannot resale or supply these Designs to another party.
  7. A Billing will be generated in the name and address you provide at the time of purchase. If you require a GST Bill for your organization you have to request it in WhatsApp / Contact Us.

Terms Of Using Designs –

  1. The designs you buy from our website can only be used for your sole purpose. You cannot resale or supply these Designs to another party. Design can be used for creating products multiple times but sharing of design with another party or selling it is prohibited.

Privacy Policy –

  1. We will never share your contact or Email Information with any third-party organization.
  2. Your mail will be used to send you details about your purchase, payment status and Order Status. Also, this can be used to send you our latest product information.
  3. Contact number you provided at the time of the registering process. Can be used to contact you by call/massage/WhatsApp if any contact required. Also Contact number can be added to a WhatsApp broadcast group to send you latest product image.

Terms Of Shipping –

  1. Download link automatically appears instantly after purchase. There is no need to ship any Design.
  2. In case you can’t download the file by instant link Design will be shipped to you By WhatsApp/E-Mail.
  3. No hard copy will be shipped to your address.

Terms Of Download –

  1. Design you purchased once can be downloaded anytime in future in the order section. You do not need to purchase a design again. Contact Us if any design you have already purchased is not showing in your download section.
  2. Downloading A Purchased Design has no expiration date. You can download it anytime in the future.
  3. Designs you purchase should also be stored by you for further use. Data Loss can occur due to technical errors. In this scenario we may not be able to provide the design again. So, we do not 100% guarantee that we will provide the design again.

Terms of Using Wallet System –

  1. Money added once can be used only on the CNCindia website.
  2. If you want your wallet money back to your account, Contact Us with your refund request.
  3. You will get refund of only the Money you have added to Wallet. Sign Up bonus and cashback cannot be refunded.
  4. Cashback Reward shown in design will be credited in your CNCindia Wallet after your complete purchase. Which can be used for your next purchase.

If you receive wrong design –

  1. If You Receive wrong/broken design file Contact Us with your query. We will provide you correct working file within 72 working Hours.
  2. There may be difference between “Model Image” and “Rendered Image”. In that case the design you download will be same as model image. Rendered images are only for illustration purposes.

Return/Refund policy –

  1. If we are unable to provide the model file same as “Model Image”. A refund will be initiated. Refund can only be initiated if design is not as per shown “Model Image”. Rendered images are for illustration purposes only.
  2. Since Product is copy able there is no Return/Refund is accepted if correct files are supplied.

Pricing And Cashback Policy –

  1. We reserve the right to change the price of any design anytime. Any claim made after purchase about pricing will not be accepted.
  2. Free designs can be paid anytime and Paid design could be set free anytime for marketing purposes.
  3. Cashback can only be used for your next purchase also it cannot be refunded to account it will remain in your wallet and when you make next purchase apply payment from wallet to deduct the amount from wallet.
  4. We reserve the right to change the amount of cashback anytime.

Copyright Information –

If you have seen any design in our website from your copyrighted material please write us with your copyright proof document and we will remove it within 24 working hours.

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